Art and Creative Expression

Green Day Early Learning Center believes in developmentally appropriate art and sensory activities. We believe it's the process, not the product.

Physical Development

We help develop fine motor skills such as holding a pencil, using scissors, using tweezers and applying stickers.

We help develop gross motor skills such as moving the large muscles in the body by running, climbing, jumping and throwing a ball.


Social and Emotional Development

The Nemours BrightStart! and Learn Every Day places a special emphasis on social and emotional development using Conscious Discipline, a comprehensive classroom management and social-emotional component that creates a learning environment where children feel safe and loved.

Math and Science

The Nemours BrightStart! and Learn Every Day provides purposeful, engaging math investigations with lessons focused on NCTM focal points and connections:

  • Number and Operations
  • Geometry and Spatial Awareness
  • Measurement
  • Classification and Patterning
  • Data Collection and Analysis

The Science Library and science maniplatives give young explorers the opportunity to ask questions, observe, and compare.


The Nemours BrightStart! and Learn Every Day, ensures all literacy instruction is based on the National Early Literacy Report to ensure a strong foundation for reading skills. 

Green Day Centers uses the highly rated Nemours BrightStart! and Learn Every Day Curriculum, by Kaplan.  The Nemours BrightStart! Complete Program for Early Literacy Success puts teachers on the cutting edge of early literacy best practices with an exciting new approach to building reading readiness skills in struggling learners. This unique program is specifically designed for teaching early literacy skills to small groups of at-risk four- and five-year-old children, but is an effective teaching tool for all children in that age range. This exciting program implements Response to Intervention (RTI) in the classroom.