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School Director

Meets all director requirements stipulated by Florida Department of Children and Families, operates and manages all aspects of a school, including business management, education and continual learning and development, campus environment, and marketing and communications. Oversees and ensures consistent implementation of the Balanced curriculum for all students enrolled at a Green Day Early Learning Center. Consistently implements continuing education plans to prepare and support teaching staff. Actively develops and maintains positive staff relationships and parent partnerships and manages all resources effectively. Establishes and maintains respectful working relationships with Florida licensing authorities.


Meets state and local requirements for certification and experience. Ensures that health and safety standards are met. Is responsible for planning and preparation of balanced snacks and meals while ensuring that any dietary restrictions for individual children are met. Orders and inventories all kitchen items and accepts temporary assignments within the school as necessary.


Satisfies education, experience, and certification requirements dependent upon classroom assignment. Is responsible for the daily planning and implementation of the Frogstreet Press curriculum and connects with children. Ensures that children are actively engaged in a safe, organized, and stimulating learning environment. Actively develops and maintains positive parent relationships. Receives assistance in the classroom by an Assistant or Co-teacher as required by student enrollment.

Currently we have openings for the following positions:

Van Driver

Meets all licensing requirements for transporting children and maintaining their safety. Ensures that Green Day Early Learning Center policies and procedures for transporting children are consistently implemented. Maintains a safe and violation-free driving record.

Assistant Teacher

Ensures that children are actively engaged in a safe, organized, and stimulating learning environment. Assists the Lead Teacher in the daily management and supervision of the classroom and the children.